Newcastle is a beautiful urban port city with MUCH culture to experience !!!

If you’re wondering where in England you can find the best nightlife, head north east. Newcastle is a urban port city that sports versatile culture, business and art. It is also a prime center for the Geordie culture and heritage. Like many other cities in England, Newcastle has an extensive history that dates back to the 18th century.

Sightseeing in Newcastle

Head over to the River Tyne for a romantic stroll next to the flowing river. From May to November, the River Tyne is also a popular spot for city walks. Across the river is the famous Tyne Bridge. Other well-known bridges in the city include the High Level Bridge and the Gateshead Millennium Bridge.

Several remains of historical sites also make a popular tourist attraction for those who love to learn about the past. Remains of the Castle Keep, Hadrian’s Wall, and the Roman fort at Segedunum are names that are famous in the city of Newcastle.

Grainger Town is another historic area that offers picturesque views. The streets of this town are gorgeous and have been dubbed as one of the finest streets of England by BBC. In this small town lies the Grey’s Monument –a popular place for people-watching. 164 narrow steps lead to the top of the monument that gives viewers panoramic views of the Newcastle.

Since Newcastle is home to rich history, there are several museums and galleries in the city where you can learn more about the culture and heritage of Newcastle. The University Gallery, Great North Museum, Hatton Gallery, the Center of Life, the Biscuit Factory, the BALTIC center and the Shipley Art Gallery all offer unique exhibits and visiting just one won’t compensate for all.

Activities in Newcastle

As mentioned earlier, nightlife in Newcastle is the hallmark of the city. Along with clubs and bars, theater and music is also celebrated in the city. Newcastle hosts a couple of festivals every year as well in which the public can participate.