Marrakech – The Ancient City

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This is known as the imperial city of Morocco, and it has all reasons to be named as one. The city handles the major trading ports all around Morocco. The location of the city is right in the center and has been the center of attractions for the visitors and the residents around the country. Being such a contemporary and commercial city, it still maintains its historical values by it, through the monuments and castles that have been dated back to the early fifteenth and sixteenth century. The city is an all in one kind. It offers and satisfies every diversifying need a visitor could have. Here are some of my suggestions to go through.

Medina Souks

Medina souks are the most famous old market around the city and are popularly known for selling scents and everything colorful. This is as I must say is a star and premier attraction in and around the city. There are several kaleidoscopes installed around the markets which give you a colorful and vibrant look aside of the city and the souk itself. The fragrances that are found in this souk are imaginary and you can definitely not find them anywhere else. The smell you get as soon as you enter the souk is incredible; there are over a hundred different fragrances that are sold here.

Saadian Tombs

Saadian Tombs were created back in early nineteen hundreds, which was then the home to over seventy Saddian rulers and then eventually became the burial grounds for them. The cemeteries are still present in the tombs and are visited by locals often as they consider their rulers the lucky charm for them. You cannot go for any individual tour so you have to enroll yourself for the guided tours; it takes approximately two hours to explore the complete tombs, with incredible interiors.