Buenos Aires – The Paris Of South America

Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina. And popular among Americans by the name “The Paris of South America”, and this is because of its nightlife, endless cafes, delicious food, nightclubs and European architect. The city has plenty of sites to watch with amazing steaks, greens, wine and many more happenings. And don’t forget about the shopping, the city is full of markets and weekend ferries.

So, if you are planning a vacation in Buenos Aires this summer, then this is your to do list.

  • Recoleta Cemetery

This is not just like any other cemetery. But, it is the resting place of rich, powerful and famous people of Argentina. This place is so amazing that you can wander here for hours between a maze of the family graves. The most “popular” site of Recoleta Cemetery is the tomb of first lady Eva Perón. You can also spend some time here and pay some respect, take pictures, see some haunted place and start for your next destination.

  • Tigre

At Tigre you can explore the delta and have some fresh air. The place is close to the city, yet untouched by city lifestyle.  You can enjoy here the water ride, you can rent Kayaks, or get a ferry or you can simply go for the boat ride, with some soft music. The best day to visit this place is Sunday.

  • Milonga

Tango is the child of Buenos Aires, so when you are at the place, learn some step from professionals and for this Milonga is the best place. This is a place where people assemble to dance tango, and in the city, there are numbers of Milonga present depending on the day of the week. On Sunday night, you can see ‘milonga’ in San Telmo Plaza Dorrego. Here people do tango in the street.

  • Palermo

Argentina is popular for its horsemanship. So, when you at the place, why to miss it, you can watch a race or polo matches here, if you are in the city between September and November. After watching a couple of races, you would know why Argentina is famous for polo at the Campo Argentino de Polo.