Raleigh: A City of Museums and Parks

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Raleigh is the capital city of this US state, my visit to this state started by arriving at this city first. I learnt that it is known for the state university as well as other institutions of academics and technology that are in and around the area such as Durham, Chapel Hill and others, forming Research Triangle. 

When to Visit?

I came here in springtime and found the blooms to be beautiful in the numerous parks and gardens. It is best to plan a visit to this city around spring and fall times since the temperatures are comfortable and the vibrant colors of yellows and reds during the fall season offer great natural views. 

City Life

There is a feeling of warmth that exudes from the Southern community here, an atmosphere that is family-friendly and has all the good qualities of life to offer. It is little wonder that it is named as one of the best places to live in, especially in the southeast region and North Carolina.

The city is named after Sir Walter Raleigh who was a nobleman and explorer. He funded the expeditions that first occurred around the coast that formed this city later on.

Places to Visit

The main places that I stopped by here was the state capitol which is a building built with Greek revival theme of the 19th century which has George Washington’s statue. 

There are several museums here and among the top 25 I found Museum of Art to be a must-visit, showcasing several collections of art which include rotating exhibitions as well as educational programs. There are stunning works of art of American, European, and Egyptian, Jewish and African culture. Ann and Jim Goodnight is a museum art park that includes 164 trails in acres where public art is displayed and installed. 

I also enjoyed the local cuisine here, stopping by brewery Bhavana for brews and dim sums, at Poole’s for American food that has a retro chic ambience as well as Bida Manda Laotian where south east Asian food was excellent.