Guadalajara – The Birthplace of Tequila

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In the state of Jalisco, I visited Guadalajara which is a popular tourist destination for many in Western Mexico. It might be an inland capital city but it offers several activities and beautiful sights which makes it worth exploring. 

Jalisco is known to be the birthplace of tequila, a spirit that is made from blue agave species. Tequila is a place here and I was intrigued to know that tour companies have exclusive tours arranged, centering around the drink, its origin and the different factories where it is produced. 

Unique Trips to Make

I undertook a trip to Tequila by myself. Taking a bus is easy as several bus routes are available from Central Vieja of the city. There are factories where one can take up a tour and try their tequila as well as Cantaritos, which is a mixture of the spirit with different fruit juices. I also stopped by the central plaza at Tequila where you can shop for souvenir goods. 

A visit to La Barranca de Huentitan was next on my list. This natural park is popular among locals for walks and runs and the paths here follow down by the river. There are thermals baths here as well which are therapeutic. 

I also stopped by the Guachimontones museum here which is a two-hour journey from the main city. It is based on an archaeological site and has ruins and pyramids worth seeing. Located in a small town called Teuchitlan, it was worth spending a day trip here.

Activities to Enjoy

There are several local marketplaces to visit for unique products such as beaded jewelry, handmade rucksacks; one I would recommend that you stop by Avenida Chapultepec where night places are popular as well as street markets. The stalls have salsa dancing, hula hooping. Centro Historico is a historic center of the city that is teeming with eateries and plazas.