Marrakech – The Ancient City

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This is known as the imperial city of Morocco, and it has all reasons to be named as one. The city handles the major trading ports all around Morocco. The location of the city is right in the center and has been the center of attractions for the visitors and the residents around the country. Being such a contemporary and commercial city, it still maintains its historical values by it, through the monuments and castles that have been dated back to the early fifteenth and sixteenth century. The city is an all in one kind. It offers and satisfies every diversifying need a visitor could have. Here are some of my suggestions to go through.

Medina Souks

Medina souks are the most famous old market around the city and are popularly known for selling scents and everything colorful. This is as I must say is a star and premier attraction in and around the city. There are several kaleidoscopes installed around the markets which give you a colorful and vibrant look aside of the city and the souk itself. The fragrances that are found in this souk are imaginary and you can definitely not find them anywhere else. The smell you get as soon as you enter the souk is incredible; there are over a hundred different fragrances that are sold here.

Saadian Tombs

Saadian Tombs were created back in early nineteen hundreds, which was then the home to over seventy Saddian rulers and then eventually became the burial grounds for them. The cemeteries are still present in the tombs and are visited by locals often as they consider their rulers the lucky charm for them. You cannot go for any individual tour so you have to enroll yourself for the guided tours; it takes approximately two hours to explore the complete tombs, with incredible interiors.

Luxor – The Unblemished City

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Luxor is architecturally the most dramatic city I have seen. You will be able to spot a numerous number of luscious landscapes that you cannot take your eyes away from. There are over ten impeccable monuments around here and all of them are a treat to your eyes, with their architectures and interiors. There is no aspect of the modern world in this city, the city is surrounded by ancient themes and projects. It does feel like a breath of fresh air, because we all are pretty used to modern life, the saved history feels great to be explored. You must visit these places to get a hold of the proper beauty.

Temple of Karnak

The temple among its deities is known as the great temple and holds the strongest religious beliefs. It has been here for over two centuries and is said to have very huge power in itself for its deities. The temple is based alongside the quarry which is considered highly holy. The deities go to the temple for their prayers and then head into the quarry for gaining the blessings. Once they have been in the quarry for some time they head to the temple again and take God’s offerings. The temple is open always and is never closed which locals believe is God’s wish.

Deir Al-Madina

The ruins are one of the spiciest things I have been to in a while. They are over many centuries old and has been the most fascinating and exciting monuments of its time and is still for the locals and even more for the visitors. The ruins now have just some bits left. You can take the tour and you will be able to go through the maze, but make sure you always have a guide with you because the maze is extremely fishy you might get stuck there for a very long time and that won’t be pleasant.

Izmir – A Ticket to Adventure

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Izmir is a cool and laid back city. Starting from feasting with the locals to traveling back in time, you can do it all. I just spent three days in the city and my itinerary had been fully packed. It is a slow pace which needs to be explored with time in hand. Here are some exciting things that you can do when you visit Izmir.

  1. Explore Kadifekale

I started my journey by visiting Kadifekale castle. It had been built for Smyrna, the ancient city. The ruin of the castle can be accessed. Among the ruin is the Byzantine cistern and a mosque from the 14th century. At the Karatas quarter, there is the historical building Asansor. This had been established in 1907. What got me mesmerized was the iconic tower. This will bring you back to the heart of modern-day Izmir. I took a short walk to Kordon where the custom houses and the seaside promenade have been converted into a shopping center.

  1. Go Wind Surfing at Alacati

This place is popular for the stone masonry houses, smelling streets, gummy cookies, and lavender. However, I visited Alacati since it is called surfing paradise. It receives wind about 6 months of the year. Starting from beginners to experts all can go windsurfing in here. If you are new to this, you can enroll in one of the windsurfing schools.

  1. Take a Walk in Ancient Agora

The old ruin is placed in the middle of the hustle-bustle of the metropolitan city. The Open Air Museum is actually a part of the landscape for the local residents of the cit. In ancient Greek time, it used to be the place of assembly and gathering. Being built by Alexander the Great, it had been finished by the Roman Empire. Being a history buff, I loved the place.