Live In The Lap Of The Himalayas In Kathmandu

Kathmandu Valley HikingThe birthplace of Buddha, the soil to Mount Everest, the sons and daughters of warrior Gurkhas, where Chhurpi- A rock solid cheese with a smoky point is a time pass snack and the country that came to the headlines when a 2015 earthquake demolished, destroyed buildings, houses and killed more than 9000

Welcome to the land of Nepal. The simply beautiful country with scenic environments and setups where the Himalayas laid the background for that perfect traveler snap. Spread over an area of 147,181 km2. Nepal is a landlocked country with Kathmandu as its capital among the seven capitals and 77 districts for administration and is bordering India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Tibet, which is an autonomous province of China.

The biggest cosmopolitan city aka the city of temples or Kantipur traditionally is a box full of varieties where you can experience the new modern technologies mingling with the arts of ancient times, long traditions and culture and is topped off with the breathtaking natural resources and exotic settings. 723 AD was the year when this city came into existence under King Gunakama Dev.

Places to Visit


  • Boudhanath


Among the strings if Buddhist people and traditions, lies the UNESCO declared world heritage site, a thirty six meter stupa that house forty five monasteries in its compound.


  • Durbar Square


The Durbar square is situated around the Kathmandu Valley. The Durbar Square has palaces and temples of Olden times and plays a driving role in the cultural as well as the religious beliefs of the Nepalese.


  • Kasthamandap


The source which gave rise to the name of Kathmandu that is believed to be built by a single unit of a tree log under Laxmi Halla, is situated near the temple of Kumar which in turn is located close to Hanuman Dhoka.


  • Pashupatinath


A very famous name I seem to have heard, but never realized it was being in Kathmandu Valley anytime up until now. It is a Shiva temple that is a Hindu pilgrimage and runs 5kms east to that from the central Kathmandu.

Kathmandu might be somewhat dusty and polluted than the other parts or country, but I assure you, it’s better than the clogging dirty and toxic streets of Delhi, India.

Transportation and visa

The country is very cheap to travel and the visas are super economical. The transportation system here mainly depends on city buses and private vehicles or even your legs.

Another benefit that an Indian has over other tourists from different countries is that there is no visa requirement to visit Nepal and you can even become a Nepali citizen without any compulsions or restrictions on you.