Prague is The City Of Thousand Spires

Just give a glance at 1100 years skyline and you will come across beautiful churches and old towers and they altogether from Prague city. The city is a European gem with examples like Art, Renaissance, gothic style and lots more. Must visit places of Prague include:

Prague Castle: The home of Bohemia’s kings

It is the residence of President of Czech Republic. It is one of the most attractive places for tourists. It was built as the four walled fortress during 970 A.D. This castle has changed in architectural style in the last 100 years.

Charles BridgeOne of the old bridges of the European continent

Prague is home to the oldest bridges of Europe. It has several unique points which stretch into 520 meters. The bridge was constructed in 1357.  The bridge comprises of several old statues and the most known amongst those monuments is the monument of Emperor Charles IV.

The Clementinum and the National Library: The collection of history

The Clementinum has a vast collection of buildings located in Europe. It is also the place of the National Library for the people of the Czech Republic. In addition to this, it also includes Baroque buildings. The library then turned as property of the Jesuits and later became public library

The Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock: The old town with historical value

Prague has Tyn Church as well as Clementinum, with so many old churches with old architecture moving back to the 11th century. The other highlighting things include Gothic doorway which has an interior with the immensity of the art work.

St. Vitus Cathedral: The largest church of Czech Republic

There is a Roman Catholic Church named St. Vitus Cathedral that has a seat of the Archbishop. This church is also the tomb of saints and Bohemian kings. The church’s building is made of precious stones, jewels, stained glasses etc.