Orlando: Enjoy Theme Parks in Orlando

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When I think of my Orlando trip, the only things come to my eye is the beautiful parks. The city has lots of parks that will not bore you but will give you a refreshing time. My friend Jane from Alaska, who works for https://alaskabackcare.com had told me that I should definitely plan a trip to Orlando with my family if we really wanted to have a great time. The city has dozen of theme parks and each one is better than another. My guide to Orlando tour will help you in selecting the right spots so that you can utilize your time to the max.  

I started my tour of Orlando from Walt Disney World Resort followed by Epcot and Magic Kingdom, Universal Orlando, offers Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios and Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Have a look at what makes these places interesting and must visit places.

Walt Disney World Resort

There would be hardly any person who had not heard the name of Walt Disney, it is so famous. The resort is basically an entertainment complex and it is located in Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake in the United States. It is close to Orlando and Kissimmee. We had a really awesome and unforgettable time here.

Universal Orlando Resort

This is a theme park from America and an entertainment resort. The park is operated by Universal Parks & Resorts. When you are visiting any of the theme parks in Orlando keep the whole day for it. And because there are dozens of such parks and if you are not staying in the city for so long, don’t spare those listed here.

Magic Kingdom Park

This is another interesting and thrilling theme park offering lots of fun and entertainment.

Discovery Cove

After exploring theme parks, you can head to discovery cove to enjoy some time with dolphins, birds and also snorkeling.

The other places that you can list done in your to-do list are an international drive, Gatorland, Florida mall for shopping, etc.

Marrakech – The Ancient City

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This is known as the imperial city of Morocco, and it has all reasons to be named as one. The city handles the major trading ports all around Morocco. The location of the city is right in the center and has been the center of attractions for the visitors and the residents around the country. Being such a contemporary and commercial city, it still maintains its historical values by it, through the monuments and castles that have been dated back to the early fifteenth and sixteenth century. The city is an all in one kind. It offers and satisfies every diversifying need a visitor could have. Here are some of my suggestions to go through.

Medina Souks

Medina souks are the most famous old market around the city and are popularly known for selling scents and everything colorful. This is as I must say is a star and premier attraction in and around the city. There are several kaleidoscopes installed around the markets which give you a colorful and vibrant look aside of the city and the souk itself. The fragrances that are found in this souk are imaginary and you can definitely not find them anywhere else. The smell you get as soon as you enter the souk is incredible; there are over a hundred different fragrances that are sold here.

Saadian Tombs

Saadian Tombs were created back in early nineteen hundreds, which was then the home to over seventy Saddian rulers and then eventually became the burial grounds for them. The cemeteries are still present in the tombs and are visited by locals often as they consider their rulers the lucky charm for them. You cannot go for any individual tour so you have to enroll yourself for the guided tours; it takes approximately two hours to explore the complete tombs, with incredible interiors.

Luxor – The Unblemished City

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Luxor is architecturally the most dramatic city I have seen. You will be able to spot a numerous number of luscious landscapes that you cannot take your eyes away from. There are over ten impeccable monuments around here and all of them are a treat to your eyes, with their architectures and interiors. There is no aspect of the modern world in this city, the city is surrounded by ancient themes and projects. It does feel like a breath of fresh air, because we all are pretty used to modern life, the saved history feels great to be explored. You must visit these places to get a hold of the proper beauty.

Temple of Karnak

The temple among its deities is known as the great temple and holds the strongest religious beliefs. It has been here for over two centuries and is said to have very huge power in itself for its deities. The temple is based alongside the quarry which is considered highly holy. The deities go to the temple for their prayers and then head into the quarry for gaining the blessings. Once they have been in the quarry for some time they head to the temple again and take God’s offerings. The temple is open always and is never closed which locals believe is God’s wish.

Deir Al-Madina

The ruins are one of the spiciest things I have been to in a while. They are over many centuries old and has been the most fascinating and exciting monuments of its time and is still for the locals and even more for the visitors. The ruins now have just some bits left. You can take the tour and you will be able to go through the maze, but make sure you always have a guide with you because the maze is extremely fishy you might get stuck there for a very long time and that won’t be pleasant.

Izmir – A Ticket to Adventure

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Izmir is a cool and laid back city. Starting from feasting with the locals to traveling back in time, you can do it all. I just spent three days in the city and my itinerary had been fully packed. It is a slow pace which needs to be explored with time in hand. Here are some exciting things that you can do when you visit Izmir.

  1. Explore Kadifekale

I started my journey by visiting Kadifekale castle. It had been built for Smyrna, the ancient city. The ruin of the castle can be accessed. Among the ruin is the Byzantine cistern and a mosque from the 14th century. At the Karatas quarter, there is the historical building Asansor. This had been established in 1907. What got me mesmerized was the iconic tower. This will bring you back to the heart of modern-day Izmir. I took a short walk to Kordon where the custom houses and the seaside promenade have been converted into a shopping center.

  1. Go Wind Surfing at Alacati

This place is popular for the stone masonry houses, smelling streets, gummy cookies, and lavender. However, I visited Alacati since it is called surfing paradise. It receives wind about 6 months of the year. Starting from beginners to experts all can go windsurfing in here. If you are new to this, you can enroll in one of the windsurfing schools.

  1. Take a Walk in Ancient Agora

The old ruin is placed in the middle of the hustle-bustle of the metropolitan city. The Open Air Museum is actually a part of the landscape for the local residents of the cit. In ancient Greek time, it used to be the place of assembly and gathering. Being built by Alexander the Great, it had been finished by the Roman Empire. Being a history buff, I loved the place.

Zurich: Exploring the Famous City of Switzerland

When you plan to visit Switzerland, the first city that comes to your mind is Zurich. I find this city to be an ideal blend of smart urban life and natural beauty. There are so many things to do throughout the day. The city is rich in culture and tradition. If you have to make the most of your trip to Zurich then follow the list given below.

Day Tour of Mount Titlis

The mountains are the ones which make Switzerland so beautiful. To explore more of this beauty, I took a tour of Mount Titlis. This is one of the best things that I had done during my trip to Zurich. You start the journey in a cable car, the panoramic view of the mountain.

Boat Tour of Lake Zurich

Do you want to take part in something adventurous? Opt for the speedboat tour of the Zurich Lake. No doubt, it is the most exciting thing that you can do. You can also swim, sunbathe, or take part in other water-sports. If you are visiting with your partner, this can be a romantic tour.

Visit the Chocolate Factory

Who doesn’t like chocolate! So, I decided to take a trip to a chocolate factory. After tasting Swiss chocolates for years now, this place took me on a memorable journey. Here, you will be able to gain in-depth knowledge regarding chocolate. What’s best is that you can create your own chocolate in here. It was an experience of a lifetime.

Tour the Swiss National Museum

If you love history, you should not miss out on this place. It is going to tell you about the ancient history of Switzerland. The architecture of the museum interior is unique. You will find 3 different museums under this one museum.

Live In The Lap Of The Himalayas In Kathmandu

Kathmandu Valley HikingThe birthplace of Buddha, the soil to Mount Everest, the sons and daughters of warrior Gurkhas, where Chhurpi- A rock solid cheese with a smoky point is a time pass snack and the country that came to the headlines when a 2015 earthquake demolished, destroyed buildings, houses and killed more than 9000

Welcome to the land of Nepal. The simply beautiful country with scenic environments and setups where the Himalayas laid the background for that perfect traveler snap. Spread over an area of 147,181 km2. Nepal is a landlocked country with Kathmandu as its capital among the seven capitals and 77 districts for administration and is bordering India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Tibet, which is an autonomous province of China.

The biggest cosmopolitan city aka the city of temples or Kantipur traditionally is a box full of varieties where you can experience the new modern technologies mingling with the arts of ancient times, long traditions and culture and is topped off with the breathtaking natural resources and exotic settings. 723 AD was the year when this city came into existence under King Gunakama Dev.

Places to Visit


  • Boudhanath


Among the strings if Buddhist people and traditions, lies the UNESCO declared world heritage site, a thirty six meter stupa that house forty five monasteries in its compound.


  • Durbar Square


The Durbar square is situated around the Kathmandu Valley. The Durbar Square has palaces and temples of Olden times and plays a driving role in the cultural as well as the religious beliefs of the Nepalese.


  • Kasthamandap


The source which gave rise to the name of Kathmandu that is believed to be built by a single unit of a tree log under Laxmi Halla, is situated near the temple of Kumar which in turn is located close to Hanuman Dhoka.


  • Pashupatinath


A very famous name I seem to have heard, but never realized it was being in Kathmandu Valley anytime up until now. It is a Shiva temple that is a Hindu pilgrimage and runs 5kms east to that from the central Kathmandu.

Kathmandu might be somewhat dusty and polluted than the other parts or country, but I assure you, it’s better than the clogging dirty and toxic streets of Delhi, India.

Transportation and visa

The country is very cheap to travel and the visas are super economical. The transportation system here mainly depends on city buses and private vehicles or even your legs.

Another benefit that an Indian has over other tourists from different countries is that there is no visa requirement to visit Nepal and you can even become a Nepali citizen without any compulsions or restrictions on you.

Kuala Lumpur Never Gets Old For A Holiday

visiting Kuala LumpurKuala Lumpur is the ultimate destination for travelers and shopaholic person; it is also known as cleanest city after Singapore. It is widely recognized for numerous landmark, including Petronas Twin Towers i.e. world’s tallest twin skyscraper.

How to reach?

Kuala Lumpur is a capital of Malaysia, and as well as its largest city in Malaysia. It is counted as a metropolitan region in Southeast Asia in both population and economic development. So how to reach Kuala Lumpur?  We believe that, taking flight is a best option for travelers to reach in short times both domestic and international flights operate regularly. In case you are a surrounding Beauty lover too, then prefer traveling through buses and train. In train and bus you can enjoy various cities and villages that come in between, it will be like the cherry on a cake.

Places to visit

Kuala Lumpur has so many exciting places which we explored. It has a boasting gleaming skyscraper, Colonial architecture, charming locals, natural attractions, Shopping malls, etc. never ending list to visit. Check out below some place one should definitely visit at Kuala Lumpur:

  • Petronas Tower

The Petronas twin Tower is an iconic view in Kuala Lumpur, this twin tower are must be visited as it they had retain the fame until 2004. We could not stop but stare at the mighty structure throughout.


  • Menara KL Tower


The recognized fifth tallest structures in the world, the Menara Kl is a crucial landmark of human creations and architecture and gives pretty awesome and vivid views and definitely stands no mark lower than that of the Personas tower which is also in Kuala Lumpur

  • Chinatown

It is a very well known place that is usually on list of all the people who happen to visit around. The place is beautifully in the depths of waves of culture in the oriental form and the heritage in all colors which makes up for the key factors for being the top popular places in the country of Malaysia.

  • Sultan Abdul Samad Building

This building remains to be the known building for its Moorish way for built that tends to be the oldest of its type and was basically used by the colonial government of the British as a secretariat house.

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Jalan Alor, Aquarium KLCC, Central Market, Perdana Botanical Garden, etc. are to be listed on must visit list in Kuala Lumpur. We saw the world’s best shopping malls in the city and if you are a shopaholic person, then you will be amazed with their styles and collection.


Kuala Lumpur has a wide range of hotels available from style and preference as we had expected, boasting spacious guest rooms with impressive city views and Quality facilities for a truly enjoyable stay Experience. Stay facilities are present in Kuala Lumpur i.e. they are never too far from city and tourist areas.

Give Your Vacation A Twist In Taipei

amazing places to visit in TaipeiTaipei is not just famous for its tall buildings and for being a business hub. Our experience with the jewel of the Far East was certainly much more than that. There are a lot of places around the city that promises intrigue and let us take you through each one of them to show why Taipei must be your next vacation destination.

Sightseeing in Taipei

  • The Tamsui Street

As soon as we heard the word, ‘culinary treat’ from the guide, we made a dash for this street. It is famous for preserved egg, fish crackers and bean curd. Once you are here, you will see an abundance of fish stalls. Apart from the voracious number of food outlets, there are also plenty of boutique and antique shops which spell history.

  • Wulai Street

If you are tired of the eggs and fish crackers, then we recommend you head over this street for sausages. The stalls in this street usually have a long line of customers looking to satisfy their craving needs for the best sausages in the country. If you want to visit, a place to interact with the locals and live the best of their culture, then this is the place for you.

  • The Waterfront at San – Ying

This is located opposite the Ceramics Museum and is filled with more than 1000 colorful windmills. This gallery is an amazing escapade from the hustle and bustle of the city. We attended a lot of workshops to which happen to be regular at this place, most common being, art and craft workshops.

How to reach Taipei?

Taipei being the capital city of Taiwan is a major business hub for businesses in the far – east and Asia. As a result, it is well – connected by flights such as Emirates and the China Airlines.


We do not recommend going for high end hotels if you are more of an explorer than someone who will chill, since there are so many things to see around the city, there will hardly be time to rest.

Vacation With The Glitz And Glams In Largest City Of China

things to do in ShanghaiBeing the second most populous city that has 24 million documented people in 2017 and also the largest city in China is the famous Shanghai.

Lately this metropolis has been stepping up increasingly as a popularized spot around the world. We could feel the vibe the moment we entered the city. The city, which is settled in the areas near the Yangtze river banks, is also the major hub for economy, finance and trade in Eastern China. We, being from another culture did not get lost among the crowd here. This city has something for everyone and it is this cultural composition which made us stay here for a longer time. One will never stop gazing the city skyline while sipping to China’s best drinks. Do not stray away from exploring every nook and corner of the city and make your stay in the city memorable, just like ours.  

Places to visit

  • M50
  • Yuyuan gardens and bazaar
  • The Bund
  • Jing’an temple
  • Tower of Shangai
  • Tianzifang
  • Jade Buddha temple
  • Natural history museum.

Best times to visit

Since the climate and temperatures around the winter months drops significantly and the wind gets chilly, the tourists and travelers are recommended to come here in seasons that have somewhat clear and bearable as it would be hundred times better than visiting freezing cold towns.  The amazing scenery around the months of March up until November wherein it would be a wise plan to stay away around the months of July, August and the initial weeks of October and May as it can save you from excessive crowd, temperature and storms.

Shanghai being one of the major cities of the world is incredible easy to access as it is well connected via flights from major cities across the world. Grab your tickets today.

Prague is The City Of Thousand Spires

Just give a glance at 1100 years skyline and you will come across beautiful churches and old towers and they altogether from Prague city. The city is a European gem with examples like Art, Renaissance, gothic style and lots more. Must visit places of Prague include:

Prague Castle: The home of Bohemia’s kings

It is the residence of President of Czech Republic. It is one of the most attractive places for tourists. It was built as the four walled fortress during 970 A.D. This castle has changed in architectural style in the last 100 years.

Charles BridgeOne of the old bridges of the European continent

Prague is home to the oldest bridges of Europe. It has several unique points which stretch into 520 meters. The bridge was constructed in 1357.  The bridge comprises of several old statues and the most known amongst those monuments is the monument of Emperor Charles IV.

The Clementinum and the National Library: The collection of history

The Clementinum has a vast collection of buildings located in Europe. It is also the place of the National Library for the people of the Czech Republic. In addition to this, it also includes Baroque buildings. The library then turned as property of the Jesuits and later became public library

The Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock: The old town with historical value

Prague has Tyn Church as well as Clementinum, with so many old churches with old architecture moving back to the 11th century. The other highlighting things include Gothic doorway which has an interior with the immensity of the art work.

St. Vitus Cathedral: The largest church of Czech Republic

There is a Roman Catholic Church named St. Vitus Cathedral that has a seat of the Archbishop. This church is also the tomb of saints and Bohemian kings. The church’s building is made of precious stones, jewels, stained glasses etc.